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Company History

In 1986, after a brief career as a Mechanical Engineer for United Technologies, Dan St Laurent had a vision and therefore started SL Associates.  SL Associates is a Real-Estate developing/management company which he started in New Britain, CT.  Within a year Dan joined forces with his older brother Tim.

During that year Dan and Tim formed Jack of All Trades Remodeling.  They figured they had the talent to work in and maintain their own properties and therefore realized, why not provide a quality service for the general public! Jack of All Trades Remodeling was born.  Although Tim is gone now, Dan continued to run the company to the point where it is now a house hold name.

His son Daniel has been an asset to the company since he was a child.  He has since received his Accounting and Finance Degrees and is now a permanent officer and partner.

Jack of All Trades Remodeling has ALWAYS strived for perfection and their work shows it.

“NO JOB TOO SMALL” is their  motto, but more importantly, “QUALITY IS #1” They will work in your home as if it were their own and treat you, your family and home with the utmost respect.

Jack of All Trades Remodeling is a full service construction and maintenance company that is fully Licensed and Insured.

WE look forward to meeting and working for you in the near future!!!


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